Wire Rope Hoists – Custom

Custom Built Wire Rope Hoists

Custom built Wire Rope Hoists

We are the most experienced custom hoist manufacturer in the world and can design and build specifically for your application with virtually no limit in capacity.

Our hoists are engineered to be the most reliable and cost effective solution for our customers. We consider both your short and long-term needs before we identify design criteria and engineer a solution. Every product we design must meet the critical issues of quality, durability, and ease of maintenance to be considered reliable.
We’ve been guided through the years by the following customer-driven value principles:
Low cost of ownership is much more valuable than low cost.

A customer depends on material handling products for a production process that contributes to the bottom line.
Such products must be durable and easy to inspect and maintain in order to meet the customer’s criteria for reliability.
Our unwavering commitment to quality makes Ace Hoists the best value on the market today. Be sure to visit our Photo Gallery for a sampling of our custom hoists.


  • All Capacities
  • CMAA Class A thru F
  • Double Girder and Monorail
  • All Types of Open Winches
  • Polar Trolley Hoists
  • Critical Lift
  • Twin Hook
  • Quadruple Hook
  • Explosion Proof
  • Indoor or Outdoor Use
  • Transfer Cars
  • Hazardous Locations
  • Two Drum Bucket
  • Automated Hoisting Systems
  • AISE Specifications
  • Hot Metal Steel Mill Hoists – AC/DC


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