March 2010
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Take Advantage of our new crane components and kits!
Electric Chain Hoists from 1/2 to 5 ton capacities
Monorail and Top Running Crane Kits from 3 to 10 ton capacities
Terminator Top Running Series now available from 5 to 40 ton capacities
Pricing is available at starting October 23rd. We are taking orders now, call us today!

Ace Advantage Crane Kits are the first of its kind in the overhead crane industry. These crane components are designed and manufactured to meet the demands of heavy duty applications, but are priced to compete with other light duty hoists and crane kits on the market. You no longer have to choose between price and quality. Our Advantage hoists, end trucks, and plug and play festoon systems provide you with turn-key crane building capabilities for both Class C and Class D duty cycles. Each kit includes:

· Trolley hoist with Ace/Toshiba VFD controls and 8 push button pendant
· Upper and lower limit switches
· Pair of Ace industry leading end trucks
· High quality plug and play festoon system


We know that every time you sell a crane, your reputation's on the line. A reputation of quality will separate you from your competitors and give you an Advantage in the marketplace.


Advantage components are designed to exceed the minimum standards for quality, not just meet them. They are designed to minimize maintenance costs and offer the lowest cost of ownership. These are not "throw away" components. They are built to last, and parts are available and reasonably priced.


The value is simple. With Ace Advantage crane kits, you can build high quality cranes at competitive prices.