What is that thing?!

Azle News
December 23, 2013
Azle company building huge shipyard cranes for Miss.
By Natalie Gentry
The skyline at Ace World Company at 10200 Jacksboro Highway has recently changed.
The addition of an incredibly large yellow structure to the landscape has left many commuters wondering what the behemoth could be.
The short answer is that it is a 20-ton gantry crane that will be used to build warships for the U.S. military.

This is the fifth of nine structures that Ace World Company is constructing for Ingall’s Shipbuilding in Pascagoula, Mississippi.
This is the same shipyard where the USS New York was built from steel salvaged from the World Trade Center and the USS Cole was repaired after being attacked by terrorists in 2000.
“When the shipbuilders have three or four of these cranes lined up it is almost like a modular assembly line for ships,” Dan Kalsel, Ace director of aftermarket, said.

He explained that Hurricane Katrina blew through Mississippi, the shipyard lost $1 billion worth of cranes. So the new cranes Ace developed can withstand 175 mile per hour wind loads.
While this may sound like a rare request to many people, cranes, hoists and end trucks are what Ace does.
Ace takes raw steel to create every component that goes into the cranes or hoists except for the nuts and bolts. “We’ve built for the nuclear, aerospace and steel industries, among others.” said Henry Baldree, machine shop manager. “A lot people don’t know what we actually do here, so when they see a structure go up, they call and ask about it.”

What is that thing?! :The Azle News