Playing The Long Game

Welcome to another Ace World Companies blog, penned by marketing guru and vice president of the company, Camron Ghanemi.

I steadied myself behind the tee and pictured the ball sailing almost out of sight before bouncing down the center of the fairway that glistened as a bright, summer sun shone on lush, green grass. My club whistled through the air… Thwack!

That unmistakable sound of club head connecting with the plastic and rubber ball echoed around the tree-lined first hole. Trouble was, the ball had veered off the club face and was heading out of bounds. That equally recognizable sound of ball whipping through leaves and thudding into tree truck followed.

It was a bad start to Nucor’s corporate golf day. But I wasn’t worried. After all, it was scramble format and I was first of my team of three to swing the titanium. And there were 17 holes to go. Ok, things only went from bad to worse for my team and I but that doesn’t matter; my point is still valid. In more ways than one, golf is about the long (and short) game. It’s much like my approach to networking that I have alluded to before in this blog.

We recently supplied two additional cranes to Nucor’s Jewett, Texas, a facility where the steel producer is expanding its hot rolled carbon production line. A 50 ton capacity overhead crane handles steel billets, while a 5 ton crane is used for service.

Meanwhile, we have started shipment of our biggest ever order for 23 cranes to be installed at Big River Steel’s $1.3 billion steel mill and recycling facility in Osceola, Arkansas. The cranes range in capacity from 10 to 135 tons. The hot mill is set to have all the required cranes by the end of March 2016, while the cold mill will take delivery of its final piece of lifting equipment two months later.

Much of our success can be put down to the strength of our relationships with purchasing managers, maintenance professionals, controllers and senior management at Nucor, Big River, other steel companies and end users across North America. Quality of product and customer service is the backbone of our business, and the chance to swing a golf club was a rare and precious thing given my schedule, but it’s worth highlighting the role networking has to play in executing a successful long game.

A few hours after shanking my first shot I was collecting a trophy with my team for the worst golfers of the day (this really happened!). But Ace World Companies were winners in so many other ways because of the time we had taken to network and engage with our customers. I’ve urged readers of this blog to engage in similar activity before and I’ll do so again. Imagine the mileage gained by talking to the CEO of Nucor about my disastrous round and exchanging stories with other vendors of the steel giant. It’s like winning a major.

Keep on trucking

That moral victory was underscored by exchanging business cards with my teammates for the day, who operate a trucking company. I’ve been able to save some costs by putting business their way and accelerating delivery of overhead lifting products to customers. It would have been easy to turn down this opportunity but I’m glad I didn’t.

It’s why I’ve spent much of August on the road (again) visiting steel and power professionals across North America. Some of them place a lot of business with us, others are yet to make an investment in Ace equipment. Both are just as important and it’s been hugely worthwhile to knock on their doors, sit in their offices, tread their shop floors and understand their requirements. This sort of work can’t be done over the phone. You’ve got to turn up to the course and work at your long game. It’s equally important not to walk off after one bad shot.

Concrete is another sector that receives a lot of visits from Ace personnel. Those guys typically work hard and play hard, which is fine by me. Again, only can a long-term commitment to their ongoing productivity cement the relationship. Be prepared to wear many (hard) hats as you walk the workshops of the end user community; they all work in different ways and the best relationships are forged when you engage at their level.

This will pay dividends when concrete professionals, for example, navigate the aisles of World of Concrete in Las Vegas, 2-5 February 2016. Before that, the same can be said of opportunities presented by the International WorkBoat Show in New Orleans, 1-3 December; and Power-Gen International in Las Vegas, 8-10 December. We’re exhibiting at them all. I won’t be in a rush to invite anyone out for a round of golf but there’ll be many other avenues of mutual interest to explore.

I’m particularly looking forward to the power show, where purchasing decision makers typically make enquiries about very high capacity cranes that give us an opportunity to showcase our ability as a leading manufacturer. Steel, concrete, marine and other users also present their own unique lifting challenges that are equally rewarding to solve.

Tailored content

Our new websites, tailored to the target markets of our custom-built overhead crane business and the Advantage Hoist division, which provides standard hoists and other products to distributors and end users, are welcoming lots of traffic and high levels of engagement with our content.

Independent websites did already exist but content on the new sites— and—has been honed to meet the specific requirements of the two different audiences, while forming a focal point for the company’s renewed social media and other marketing efforts. I’d encourage readers of this blog to have a look through the online offering if you haven’t already.

Ace World Companies provides overhead bridge cranes, overhead gantry cranes, wire rope hoists, electric chain hoists, crane kits and end trucks. Follow us on Twitter at @AceWorldCompany, which is the first place we post news as it happens. We welcomed our 700th follower this month!

Thank you for reading my blog. More next month.

Camron Ghanemi
Vice President, Ace World Companies
President, Pullift Corporation