On One’s Mettle

Welcome to the second Ace World Companies blog, penned by marketing guru and vice president of the company, Camron Ghanemi.

I’ve paused to write this at the Hilton City Center in Charlotte, where I’m attending the MHI Spring Meetings and participating in discussion and networking with fellow Crane Manufacturers Association of America member companies. The meetings take place biannually and it’s been interesting to reflect on the progress the business has made over the past six months or so, typified by the highlights of this month (May).

Before I get started, I want to take an opportunity to thank MHI for publishing our recent press releases:

Miles of aisles

With the ink still drying on my first blog, which was posted here last month, I boarded a transatlantic flight to visit the Hannover Messe show in Germany. The event was billed as “the world’s most important industrial technology show” and in many ways it lived up to expectations.

I was one of 70,000 visitors from outside Germany to attend a show that hosted a staggering 220,000 trade visitors. The exhibition sprawled across a number of different halls, each one larger than most trade events you’d see in North America. It was great to see the latest developments in the gearbox sector and learn about different types of technology, much of which relates to lifting activity and the end user markets we serve to some extent, as industry progresses towards the fully integrated factory.

Attending a trade event of this magnitude requires one to have a clear plan to make time productive. Otherwise, you could get stuck in halls of equipment that are not relevant to your work or get swept away with the crowds. As I did, it’s prudent to plan the visit in advance, note the halls that will be of most interest and target specific exhibitors within them. It felt like every technological innovation in the world was at the Hannover Messe show grounds; it would take months, if not longer, to see every booth.

The other extreme

Having absorbed as much as possible at a very big, European show, it was time to narrow my focus and join the marketing team at the AISTech event in Cleveland, where everything was specifically related to the steel industry.

We enjoy the challenge and opportunity that end user shows like this present. As I told Tim Sheahan, the editor of Hoist magazine, in my exclusive interview for his May edition - - when we market direct to end users we have control over our message. We’re not depending on a middle man to promote our products over our competitors’ products. It’s a far greater challenge but one we relish.

Having taken a 20-foot by 20-foot booth at the front of the exhibition area at the 2015 event, next year we will increase in size to 30 feet by 30 feet and aim to be the focal point for many of the 8,000 people expected to attend AISTech 2016. Steel is our biggest end user market so it makes sense to have a big presence at the key trade show for the industry. We use the event to promote our brand image, network and meet new people from all over the world who are interested in our lifting solutions for a challenging marketplace.

The strength of our relationships with companies like Nucor and Big River Steel are testament to how successful we have been in the steel market, while we have similarly strong connections with companies in the concrete and marine sectors, for example, where we also invest in frequenting their dedicated events.

It was opportune to strengthen relationships with end user magazine like Iron & Steel Today, for example, who we networked with on Twitter throughout AISTech on the event hashtag. Follow both accounts at @AceWorldCompany and @IronSteelToday. More about our week at AISTech 2015 will appear in Iron & Steel Today and other trade press next month.

Stacy Thomas, from marketing, and product experts Ken Land and Kevin Beavers did a great job on the booth; it was a pleasure to work with them, as always.

Pulling in the same direction

As has been covered extensively in trade media, last year we completed our first acquisition with the purchase of Walton Hills, Ohio-based Pullift Corporation, a provider of standard and custom material handling equipment including winches, hoists, winch hoists, car pullers and continuous traction pullers. I’m honored to lead the business as president.

Now a new logo and website have been completed you can expect to hear a lot more about the business as we build it into the marketing machine that serves Ace and our other lifting products so well. Next month (June), we have placed our first full-page advertisement in an overhead lifting magazine. We are anticipating a big response.

As I’ve said before, the main advantage for new and existing Pullift customers is that we have more control over the product. We have the ability to manufacture more of the components than was possible before, which is going to make us more efficient and more competitive on price.

Ace provides overhead bridge cranes, overhead gantry cranes, wire rope hoists, electric chain hoists, crane kits and end trucks. Keep visiting the regularly updated website at and remember to follow us on Twitter at @AceWorldCompany—we’re approaching 500 followers already!

Thank you for reading my second blog. More next month,

Camron Ghanemi

Vice President, Ace World Companies

President, Pullift Corporation