Harness the Power of Trade Shows

Welcome to another Ace World Companies blog, penned by marketing guru and vice president of the company, Camron Ghanemi.

I said in last month’s (June) blog that trade shows can play a key role in presenting a company to an audience—and I’ve taken my own advice.

Later this year, we will exhibit for the first time at the Power-Gen International show—a Power Generation Week event—which takes place 8-10 December at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Covering every aspect of the power generation industry, Power-Gen International; Renewable Energy World Conference & Expo North America; Nuclear Power International; Coal-Gen; and GenForum converge to form Power Generation Week.

It was simply too good an opportunity to turn down with the prospect of networking with end users participating in pre-conference workshops, technical tours, more than 70 conference sessions, panel discussions, three exhibition days and multiple networking events. The key decision makers from an industry will find themselves under one roof and we want to be part of the action.

Trade show tips

Signing up to exhibit was the easy part.

The mistake a lot of people make in committing to a show is recognizing the opportunity but failing to capitalize. While the formalities of exhibiting don’t begin until 8 December, it is important that we market our participation in the months leading up to the event, during the show and in the weeks that follow it.

Power-Gen is owned and presented by PennWell Corporation, which has a very good reputation in the events industry. It is also the publisher of Power Engineering, a magazine that is widely read in the power industry. Often, conferences and events are organized by trade media, presenting a tailor-made audience to inform about your involvement.

Rest assured, our marketing team will be communicating with the editorial staff to ensure we know what articles and information they would like to receive from us to put to their readers. We will send them press releases about our success stories in the power industry so attendees to the trade show are aware of our brand and what we do in advance of the event. They might even make a note to come and visit our booth.

We will also use our popular @AceWorldCompany Twitter handle to engage with @PwrEngineering and the hashtags #PowerGen and #PowerEngineering to network with fellow exhibitors, visitors and event organizers. Imagine the momentum this will give us leading up to the show and the additional followers and connections we’ll be able to engage with over the three days of the exhibition in Las Vegas.

Seize the day

I’ve always enjoyed the latin phrase “carpe diem”, which translates broadly to “seize the day”.

We will spend time ensuring that our 10ft by 10ft exhibition booth is as eye-catching and targeted as possible. When arranging furniture during setup, we’ll consider the likely direction of traffic, for example. A trade show booth might only be in a visitor’s line of sight for a very short period of time as they walk the aisles and it’s important they are drawn to our stand and can decipher if the products and services on offer are of interest. While we want to meet potential customers, we don’t want to be overpowered by footfall that isn’t relevant, so clarity is crucial.

It sounds obvious but we’ll also make sure staff on the booth are happy, polite and interested in what visitors have to say. Would you visit a booth and give an enquiry to someone cowered at the back of the exhibit texting away on their cell phone or checking emails on a laptop? Our smartphones will be used only to live tweet from the show, take photos and network.

The power industry consumes our high capacity, Class A cranes. They are sometimes the most challenging and rewarding orders to fulfil and I’m excited about raising our profile in the sector by leveraging the opportunities Power-Gen International presents. I hope this blog will help you do the same in the markets you serve.

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Thank you for reading my fourth blog. More next month

Camron Ghanemi
Vice President, Ace World Companies
President, Pullift Corporation